Flooding in Colorado

Many are aware of the recent week of flooding all over Colorado. Many roads have been destroyed and that makes it tough on businesses. The process serving business has been affected by these floods due to the fact that we must commute around the state to serve papers. Luckily, our dedicated process servers have come up with some creative ideas to still serve papers. One idea we had was to have a fleet of kayaks search for the addresses that needed to be served.

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Licensing for Process Servers in Colorado

In the great state of Colorado, process servers do not need to be licensed to do business. While this has plenty of benefits, it also has some drawbacks. This of course brings up the question: should process servers be licensed in the state of Colorado?

The advantages that process servers get from not having to be licensed is simple enough: Anyone of the age of 18 and not involved in a specific case can be a process server. They are able to make a good living off of serving papers (though not as glorified as portrayed in Pineapple Express).

The disadvantages, however, outweigh the benefits. If anyone can serve a paper, it cuts back incentive for people to hire a company to serve papers for them, making the Process Serving Company business difficult. Having licensed process servers means that you would have servers who are experienced and excellent at their job. There are so many legal issues with serving papers that taking just anyone off the street might be grounds to lose a court case.

Having licensed process servers means an increase in business for serving companies, and will benefit the consumers. There would be less cases being screwed up due to legal issues with serving, and your papers would be served in a timely, efficient, and legal manner.